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Mobile Notary Quote

For The Fastest Quote 

Please Let Us Know 

  • Where You'd Like Mobile Notary Service
  • How Many Notarized Signatures Are Required 

Signature Fee

  • $15 – Per Signature (California State-Mandated Fee)

Mobile Notary Travel Fees

• $50 – To Residence Tier I

•$60 – To Residence Tier II

•$80 – To Residence Tier III

•$100 – $200 To Residence Tier IV

•$40 San Pedro (East of Gaffey)

  • $70 – To Large Businesses
  • $125 - Power of Attorney and Estate Documents 
  • $125 – To Aftercare Facility
  • $70/Hour – To Courthouses*
  • $150 – To Hospitals
  • $200 - Trust Signing Package**
  • $225   – Loan Signing Package**
  • $150 – LA County Jails Notary ***
  • $300+ – California Prison Notary***
  • $200 – Wedding Officiant 

Visit Our Office

$20 Meet Fee

$15 Per Signature

(By Appointment Only)

You may cancel without a fee for up to 2 hours before the appointment with confirmation of your cancellation request.  if the appointment is canceled without notice the whole quoted fee is due and payable. 

*Long Beach, South Bay, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 

**Includes Notarization for up to Two People, 20 Miles Travel, Printing/Preparing the Documents for Notarization, Return Mailing  (Label Provided by Client) 

***Men’s Central Jail, Twin Towers, Lynnwood Jail, Central Jail Santa Ana, North Country Correctional Facility (NCCF)

Call for Rates to Prisons and Additional Information 

After Hours - Weekdays

Up to 11:00 PM ($60)

11:00 PM – 6:00 AM ($100)

After Hours - Weekends 

Up to 7:00 PM ($60)

8:00 PM – 10:00 AM ($100)

After Hours - 

Legal Holidays

9:00 AM – 7:00 PM ($100)

8:00 PM – 8:00 AM ($150)

Our Services

If you need to have a document notarized ASAP, then get in touch with us at Eva's Mobile Notary. 

We strive to consistently provide first-rate mobile notary public and apostille services to clients in Torrance, California and all of Los Angeles County. 

Just contact us, so we can discuss your needs in detail. 

Whatever they may be, you can count on us to exceed your expectations with the quality and timeliness of our service.

Types of documents notarized:

1. Sworn Statement

2. Quitclaim Deed

3. Statement of Consent (for application for Passport for child under age 16)

4.  Application for Duplicate
or Paperless Title

5. Power of Attorney

6. Deed of Trust

7. Release and Waiver

8. Parental Consent for Travel

9. Affidavit of Forgery

10. Assignment

11. Certificate of Authorship

12. Certificate of Identity

13. Plea Form

14. Rental Agreement

15. Grant Deed

16. Deed of Trust

17. Compliance Agreement

18. Name Affidavit

19. Copy Certification By
Document Custodian

20. Durable Power of Attorney

21. Power of Attorney for Health Care/Advance Health Care Directive

22. Spousal Waiver

23. Demand Letter

24. Guaranty

25. Contract

26. Student Enrollment Verification

27. Amendment to Revocable Trust

28. Intercreditor Agreement

29. Modification Agreement

30. Subordination Agreement

31. Resignation of Trustee

32. Unclaimed Property Form

33. Authorization

34. Living Trust

35. Bill of Sale

Loan Signing Services

  • $75 to $250 – Call, Email, Text, or Schedule
    an Appointment for a Quote

Optional Miscellaneous Fees

Document Handling Fee

$20+ – Includes Receiving the Documents, Bringing the Documents to the Client, Emailing the Scanned Copy (10 Pages Max), and Mailing the Documents Via Provided
Shipping Label

Document Mailing

  • $10 – For Standard United States Postal Service (USPS) or Customer-Provided Label
  • $20 – Two-Day Delivery
  • $30+ – Overnight Delivery

Document Printing Fees

  • $10 – Up to 20 Pages
  • $20 – Up to 50 Pages
  • $30 – Up to 80 Pages

Document Delivery Fee

$20 – Within 15 Miles ($0.56 per Additional Mile)

Please Read for Fastest Service

For the fastest possible service, please provide us with the type of document/s, the number of document/s, and the number of people signing. Fill out all blank spaces on the documents with an N/A before the meeting.

Identification Requirements – What to Bring?

Proper identification is needed for any notary public service requiring acknowledgement of signature/s. The following types of identification are recognized in California as valid if they are issued by the state within the last 5 years:

  • Driver’s License or Commercial Driver’s License
  • Foreign Passport
  • ID Card
    • Senior Identification Card
    • Under 18 Identification Card
    • California Identification Card
  • Indian Reservation Identification
  • US Passport

If the following types of identification are current and have been issued within the last 5 years, they are acceptable:

  • Canadian or Mexican Driver’s License
    (Issued by an Authorized Agency)
  • Driver’s License or ID Card Issued by Another State
  • US Military Identification Card

All identification cards must contain a photo, signature, physical description, and serial number.

Documents We DO NOT Notarize

  • Copies of USA Birth, Death, or Marriage Records. (We Are Allowed to Notarize Affidavits of Birth, Death, and Marriage)
  • Documents Requiring a Jurat That Are Signed Outside of Our Presence
  • Incomplete Documents

Type of Notarial Certificates:

Acknowledgements certify that the signer personally appeared before the notary, was identified by the notary, and acknowledged signing the document. They can be signed without the notary present.

Jurats, as found in affidavits and other sworn documents, certify that the signer personally appeared before the notary, signed in the notary’s presence, and took an oath or affirmation*** from the notary.

***Oaths and affirmations are solemn promises to God (oath) or solemn promises on one’s own personal honor (affirmation).

We perform affirmations unless an oath is requested.

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